Introductory Class for Electrician Trainees.

Introductory Class for Electrician Trainees.

Book: Electrical Safety Related Work Practices 2015E

Table of Contents

Chapter  1  Electrical Safety Culture
Chapter  2  Electrical Hazard Awareness
Chapter  3  OSHA Requirements
Chapter  4  Lockout, Tagging, and the Control of Hazardous Energy
Chapter  5  Introduction to NFPA 70E®
Chapter  6  Justification, Assessment, and Documentation
Chapter  7  Calculation of Short Circuit Currents
Chapter  8  Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Methods
Chapter  9  Electrical Equipment Maintenance
Chapter  10  Overcurrent Protective Device and Maintenance Considerations
Chapter  11  Electrical System Design and Upgrade Considerations
Appendix  A  OSHA Citation Examples
Appendix  B  Partnership Agreement
Appendix  C  ANSI/NETA Frequency of Maintenance
Appendix  D  Maintenance Tests
Appendix  E  NFPA 70E® Article 120

Last Class of the Semester

Lesson 19

Final Exam